Bosch CTL636ES6 - Series | 8

Bosch CTL636ES6 - Series | 8

Bosch built-In fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine Stainless steel

Product Overview
Sensor that ensures maximum performance in the aroma and goodness of coffee
oneTouch DoubleCup: Each drink at the touch of a button, even 2 cups at the same time
AromaDouble Shot: Extra strong coffee based on needs
Home Connect: Product connection for easy remote management
autoMilk Clean: fully automatic steam cleaning after each cycle to clean the milk dosing system

– sensoFlow System: the innovative heating system that guarantees an optimal water temperature to obtain the best aroma from your coffee
– One-touch drinks: Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Latte coffee at the touch of a single button
– AromaDouble Shot – Extra strong coffee, aroma without compromise
– Adjustable water temperature for each drink
– Prepared for Brita Intenza water filter: reduces the scale in the water and filters the substances that can change the taste and smell of the drinks

– Display TFT display with interactive menu
– MyCoffee: Save 8 favorite drinks with individual names and all the related settings on milk and espresso dosage
– Single cup volume 20-250 ml
– Height adjustable coffee / milk dispenser: up to 15 in height to be able to also use a Latte Macchiato glass
– oneTouch DoubleCup: Preparation of two cups simultaneously for all selectable drinks
– Removable water tank. Capacity 2.4 liters
– Warning message when coffee and water are about to end
– Flexible use of the milk container: you decide if you prefer to connect the milk container (optional) or use any other container (eg milk carton)
– Quick manual integrated into the product

Other Characteristics
– silentCeram Drive: high- quality ceramic coffee grinder
– coffeeSensor System: the grinding unit automatically adapts to the variety of coffee beans
– Innovative milk dispenser thanks to a particular porosity for a perfect foam
– Milk foam and hot water available separately
– Instant water heating, the first cup of coffee is ready in just 30 seconds
– Operating pressure 19 bar
– Tank for powdered coffee
– 15,000 cup guarantee: maximum constant quality from the first to the last cup (information not valid for commercial purposes but only within 24 months)

Home Connect
– Control of the appliance through the App. Home Connect App. Allows you to use the appliance remotely through home WiFi rather than from your smartphone outside the home
– Remote switch-on: select and configure the favorite beverage in the App and then start preparing the drink remotely
– CoffeePlaylist: chosen through the App. of multiple desired drinks
– CoffeeWorld: 17 types of international cafeterias available in the App.
– Recipes: The App. offers a variety of preparations that can be transferred to the coffee machine.
– Coffee know-how: The App. includes interesting insights on the topic of coffee
– Instruction manual: Digital instruction manual always available on the App.
– Customer Service: In the event of technical problems, the Bosch technical service will be able to access remote product verification
– Safety: The product has been carefully tested and certified by TÜV IT. Access to the product is encrypted and protected to avoid any possible unauthorised access via WiFi

– Removable infusion unit for easy cleaning under running water
– autoMilk Clean: automatic cleaning of the steam milk dispenser after each delivery
– All the components of the milk dispenser are removable and easy to clean, even in the dishwasher
– Individual washes guarantee a perfect aroma and impeccable hygiene
– Automatic rinsing when the appliance is switched on and off
– Removable drip tray
– Fully automatic cleaning and descaling program
– Automatic notice of filter change, descaling and cleaning- Water, milk and coffee bean containers are easily accessible but hidden behind the front of the appliance
– Container of coffee beans (max 500 g) with lid
– Key lighting, coffee exit
– Adjustment of the grinding degree on several levels
– Display language selectable
– Child safety system
– Power: 1600 W

– Thermo-insulating aluminium milk container (0.7 L)
– Accessories included:
– 1 measuring spoon, 1 strips to establish water hardness, 1 connection tube for milk nozzle, 1 insulated milk container, 1 mounting screws
– Accessories available separately: cleaning tablets (TZ60001), descaling tablets (TCZ8002), BRITA Intenza water filter (TCZ7003), complete cleaning and descaling set (TCZ8004), thermal milk container (TCZ8009N)

(HxWxD): 455 x 594 x 375 mm
Installation compartment (HxWxD): 449 x 558 x 356 mm

The Bosch CTL636ES6 built-in coffee machine guarantees maximum performance in the aroma and goodness of the coffee, even 2 cups at the same time. Extra strong coffee based on taste and automatic steam cleaning after each cycle to clean the milk dosing system

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