Bosch PVQ811F15E – Series | 6

Bosch PVQ811F15E – Series | 6

Bosch Black Ceramic Induction Vented Cooktop with CombiZone 800mm

General Information
DirectSelect: Direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power and additional functions.
AutoOn function: starts the ventilation module automatically in power level 3.
PowerBoost: Up to 50% more power for faster heating.
ReStart: if something boils over, the cooktop automatically turns itself off and saves the last selected setting.
ChildLock: locks the control panel to prevent accidental changes in settings


Comfort and Convenience
4 induction cooking zones
2×2 Combi zoness
Direct Select 1.0 Touch Control
Move Mode – 2 Automatic Power Levels
Cooking zone front right: Combined heating – 190 mm, 210mm 2.2 kW
PowerBoost function – reduce the time to heat up large quantities of water
Timer with automatic switch off for all zones
ReStart – Quickly reinstates previous settings
QuickStart – Quick and automatic first pot detection

Size and Power
Cooking zones: 1 x 380 mm x 210 mm, 3.6 KW Induction or 2 x190 mm, 210mm, 2.2 KW(max. power3.7 KW)

17 power levels for each cooking zone
Digital 2-stage residual heat indicator for each cooking zone
Cooking zone front left: CombiZone
-400 mm,210 mm
-2.2 KW
Cooking zone rear left: CombiZone
-400 mm,210 mm
-2.2 kW
-190 mm,210 mm
-2.2 kW
Combined heating
-190 mm,210 mm
-2.2 KW
Automatic pan recognition sensor
Power Management Function
Automatic safety switch-off
Childproof lock
Wipe Protection
Energy consumption display

Performance (max)
Ventilation system with 9 electronically controlled fan power levels and 2 Boost-/Intensive fan power levels (with automatic revert) viaDirect Select 1.0 Touch Control user interface.
Extraction performance in ducted extraction: (max. normal setting) 500m3/h, max. Boost: Intensive setting 622 m3/h.

Technical Information
Appliance measurements: H22.3 W80.2 D52.2 cm
Installation dimensions: H22.3 W75 D49 cm
Length wire connection: 110cm
7.4 KW total connected load

The induction cooktop with integrated ventilation module: combines induction with ventilation technology for perfect results

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