Snowpad Tankless RO System

Snowpad Tankless RO System

Reverse Osmosis
Powerful Technology for Excellent Water
This high-performance under-sink RO System removes 99% of contaminants in your water while boasting a sleek, compact design.
Pure Water
This Reverse Osmosis forces water under pressure through a membrane that allows water molecules to pass through, whilst retaining any extraneous substances (i.e. salts, organic impurities, particles, and bacteria).

It removes almost all viruses, bacteria and substances that affect the colour, taste, and smell of the water.
4 Stage Water Filtration
This 4 stage filtration process includes the PP Spun Filter, an Advanced Bayonet Cartridge, a Block Carbon Filter, an RO Membrane and a Post Carbon Filter.

The PP Spun Filter and an Advanced Bayonet Cartridge to remove large-particle suspended matters, sediment, rust and impurity.

The Block Carbon Filter to remove organic matters, peculiar smells, residual chlorine and peculiar colour.

The RO Membrane with NSF certification to remove bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.

The Post Carbon Filter to further eliminate bacteria and improve the overall taste of your water.
Easy Maintenance & Operation
All 4 filters are easy to replace, providing you with ease of maintenance and upkeeping of your Reverse Osmosis System.

The multi-touch panel displays all the information you need to use and maintain your RO: Purifying Status, Service Life of Filter Cartridges and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Display.
Space Saving & Leakproof
This Reverse Osmosis has an ultra-thin design, saving you space in your kitchen.

With fewer connectors, no tubes and no fittings, this compact Reverse Osmosis ensures no leakages, so that you can keep your mind at ease.

Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 40 x 10.6 x 45.5

1:1 Waste Water Ratio
This ultra-low waste water ratio will help you save water, as well as energy