General Information:
14cm TFT Full Touch Display
Full Steam
Easy Clean
14 heating methods
Roasting Probe
Sous Vide function
Graphite Grey Edition

Heating systems and functions:
Oven with steam – FullSteam with 13 heating systems: 4D-Hot air, Bread baking mode, Large-area grill, Hot-air Eco, Small-area grill, Top / bottom heat, Top / bottom heat Eco, Pizza setting, Slow cooking, Bottom heat, Thermogrill, Heating dishes, Keeping warm
Additional steam heating systems: Steam, Regenerating (reheating), Cooking, Defrosting, Sous-vide cooking
External steam generation
Baking & Roasting Assistant, Automatic programs
Preheat quickly
Home Connect

Neff Collection Graphite-Gray design
Slide®, revolving door handle
Hide®, the oven door that disappears under the oven, move-in damped

EcoClean: self-cleaning catalytic back wall
EasyClean® cleaning system
Oven space: anthracite enamelled
Fully glass inner door
Door temperature max. 40 ° C

Technical Information:

Product Dimensions:
Height: 59.5cm
Width: 59.6cm
Depth: 54.8cm

Length of connection cable: 120 cm
Connection value: 3.6 kW
Nominal voltage: 220 – 240 V.
Energy class according to EU standard no. 65/2014: A + (on a scale from A +++ to D)

Guarantee: 5 years parts & labour