KX-TG5511 includes a handset and a base unit with integrated charger

Thanks to universal design, the unique technology and environmentally friendly features, the KX-TG5511 is a perfect phone for the office and for the home.

The large screen 1.8 “backlit easy to read, and the simple on-screen menu allows you to easily access the features. Plus, the keyboard light simplifies operation in the dark.

Resorting to the handsfree you can talk in any situation: while you cook or do household cleaning, it is also a useful feature when you need to take notes, to use a keyboard, browse the Internet and so on. To call with the utmost convenience you can enter up to 100 entries in the phonebook. You may also want to know who is calling before answering the LCD will show the name and number, if registered in the address book.

Additional features: GAP compatibility, repetition of the last 10 numbers, 10 polyphonic ringtones, response function by pressing any key, clock, alarm, portable search button, call indicator / charge.