Tele Wire Extension

Tele Wire Extension

For a non-clutter cable extension, use this discreet TC3500 15m Extension Cable Kit. Complete with self-adhesive tape, the TC3500 is ultra flat and can even be painted or fitted beneath wallpaper to compliment your room seamlessly.

Gold plated contacts on the TC3500 ensure an optimum performance. Installation of the TC3500 couldn’t be easier, thanks to being pre-assembled, all you need to do is plug it in.

Additionally included with the TC3500 is a dual adapter, so you can use the extension cable with your broadband or phone connection.

General Information

Connectors RJ11 to RJ11 (includes BS6312 socket and plug adaptor for UK phones)
Length 15 metres
Materials Gold-plated contacts
Other Ultra-flat, so can be painted or installed under wallpaper
Pre-assembled – requires no special tools to install