Whirlpool AMW494/IX

Whirlpool AMW494/IX

Whirlpool BI Micro Oven 22LT, Mini 2, Solo, Inox


This Whirlpool Built-in Microwave Mini with Grill. Its innovative 3D Distribution system ensures heat is evenly distributed inside the oven, for ideal cooking results, always. This appliance is part of our Genesis collection.


Power Level (W): 750

Cooking Combinations: No

Cooking Programmes: 4

Capacity (Liter): 22

3D Microwave: Yes

6th Sense: No

Crisp Plate: No

Microwave Plus Fan: No

Turntable Diameter (cm): 25

Microwave Power Rating (W): 750

Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 38.2 x 59.5 x 32